Ohh these mystery kittens 🐱 🐈‍⬛ !

It was a beauteous and pleasant afternoon, calm, warm and breezy. A perfect change from the stormy and snowy winter we had this year.

I was tutoring a group of five students on a large balcony. As I told you before, one of the Neo Vision college programs is an in-person after school program.

Students were focusing on their learning when we were continually interrupted by the low -pitched sound of kittens. We thought that the kitten mewing sound is coming from the nearby fields. With time we allocated the origin of the sound and recognized it coming from the balcony closet. I approached the closet cautiously and slowly. I opened it to be choked by the presence of the three kittens pictured above. I called my students to join me and observe these beautiful creatures.

We enjoyed watching them for a while, then we continued our regular work.

Next day, I wanted to check on the kittens to be surprised with an empty closet!!! As if I had dreamt the whole scenario. I searched for them everywhere knowing that cats are notorious for hiding in unpredictable places. But my search didn’t yield any result.

Till now, I am still asking myself: “Where did these kittens go?” The closet is high! It is easy for the cat to jump up into it alone! But, how did it jump down from it with the three kittens?

This brought to my memory a similar incident that happened previous year. A cat (maybe same one) had its kitten in a box on the same balcony. That year, I shifted the kittens box from one place to another. I came 2 hours later to see the box empty!

Learning in the outdoors.

I wondered! Why did the cat move its kittens? How did it do move them quickly? Did its instinct help it moving them that quick? Did it hold every kitten and jump with it from the second floor to the first floor? Questions with no answers!

I admit that I don’t know that much about cats life! However, now I am curious to search and know more about these tiny mysterious creatures.

Next year, I will have an overnight watching the kittens! I would like to spot the cat moving its kittens. I would like to know how will it move them safely from such a high place? I am curious to know how much time does it need to move them!

I found here an interesting website that has answers to some of my questions.

https://excitedcats.com/stop-a-cat-from-moving-kittens/: Ohh these mystery kittens 🐱 🐈‍⬛ !

Happy blogging till we meet again!

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