About Me

Hello! I am Neyoulla AlJurdi, a university instructor, a school head of Academic department and a researcher! Moreover, I am a science coordinator and a chemistry teacher for more than twenty years! I am the founder of a new startup “Neo Vision College”. One of my college programs is experiential Learning in action!

I am also an aunt and a sister, two of the best labels to have! I have a Masters degree in curriculum and educational Management and a degree in Industrial and Analytical Chemistry. For me, teaching is a passion, hobby and a noble profession!

During my educational journey, I have been in direct contact with teachers, parents and students. As a teacher, I experienced the challenges that almost all teachers go through and enjoyed the happy moments of my students’ and teachers’ self and academic growth. I helped them in facing the challenges and transforming them into opportunities and learning experiences .

Recently, I am blogging to help educators; specifically teachers, parents and students face the learning journey challenges! I will share pieces of my researches and helpful resources for interactive learning! Hope you will enjoy my blogging!

“Anything that we have to learn to do we learn by the actual doing of it; People become builders by building and instrumentalists by playing instruments. Similarly, we become just by performing just acts, temperate by performing temperate ones, brave by performing brave ones.”

— Aristotle