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10 First Day of School Tips For New Teachers 👩‍🏫

Back to school is overwhelming for new teachers. While they will be eager for their first teaching experience, they will also feel anxious about dealing with 24 to 30 students in their classroom. These teachers may have attended classes as students- teachers in their practicum university courses. But, now the scenario is different! The class … More

10 reasons for implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in your classroom.

Teachers should strive to implement Inquiry Based learning (IBL) in their classrooms for the following 10 reasons: 1-IBL is a student -centered approach rather than a teacher-centered approach. 2- Enhances students’ autonomy and empowerment. 3- Fosters students’ motivation and passion for learning. 4- Makes real-world connections. 5- Creates life-long learners. 6- Hones students’ natural curiosity. … More

The stick insect!

Look at this photo? What do you see? At first glance, I saw a stick. I came close to catch it and throw it away! But, all of a sudden it moved! Huh, it is not a stick! Here, I realized it is an animal that camouflaged to a stick! I moved it to the … More

Inquiry- Based Learning: The steps of IBL and its four types.

What is Inquiry Based Learning? Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) is a pedagogical approach through which one asks or formulates testable questions and investigates them seeking the solution. It triggers students curiosity and develops their critical thinking skills. IBL emphasizes the students’ role in the learning process. The level of Inquiry Based Learning depends on the … More


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