5 steps to make asynchronous learning student centered interactive learning.

Distance Learning has become the prevailing mode of learning for the majority of students during the pandemic. The two forms of distance learning are asynchronous learning and synchronous Learning.

What are the 5 steps to make asynchronous learning student centered interactive and effective learning?

Plan for asynchronous learning using the 5 E model.

# 1- Engage students using an interactive tool Google slide, Padlet, Jamboard, etc. by a brainstorming question.

Catch your students attention from the start. Post something they are curious about and interested in. Let them Brainstorm for the posted question in one place using any of the above tools. Your students will get inspired by their friends interaction!

#2- Push your students to explore the concept at hand.

Provide your students with online resources that help them explore safely. This can be: online articles, videos, recorded sessions, animations, stimulations, online games. etc. You can ask them to work individually or as team. They can record their findings on any of the the interactive tools listed above.

#3 Now it is the time to explain.

Who can do this part? The teacher, the student or any educational material can do this part.

You can provide students with a place to post their questions in the go. Afterwards, you can either ask for peer help to answer the questions or you can do it yourself. It is education! Always Light a fire!

#4 Here, comes the best part where you have to elaborate on the studied concept.

Extend and elaborate by connecting the concepts to daily life situations. Also, you can differentiate and elaborate based on students need and interest! Students exploration will inspire you in this step!

#5 Finally, the evaluation part.

Actually, I see this part in every step. It is an ongoing process that will help students in their learning and will help you to modify your teaching.

But , who said, you are the only one who will do this part?! Always think of self evaluation and peer evaluation!

Until my next blog, happy learning!



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