4 Tips to Make Back to School Easy after Winter Vacation!

I am excited to go back to school after a long winter vacation, eager to see my colleagues and my students again! However, I realize that going back to classroom routines and rules is not easy for both teachers and students after this prolonged school closure ( We had an extended winter vacation due to Covid and snow in our region). Teachers have to put in mind that this day is a mini first day of school all over again especially for kids!

Here are four tips to make the transition easier for both of you!

1- Greet your students and check their wellbeing! Ask questions that initiate positive communication among students. Some kids may have this typical first-day jitters! Others are outgoing and want to chat with each other! Take the lead and organize for a conversation that pushes all to communicate! Make it a useful discussion! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Remember to keep it organized!

2- Remind them of Rules and routines. Go back to the rules and routines you set before the vacations! It can be a good restart for you if you missed any before! Reinforce rules and routines through all the session! Don’t forget to be tender and firm at the same time!

3- Check the challenges students faced with technology during asynchronous learning. Many parents struggle with technology! Check this with your students! Ask them about the challenges they or their parents faced with technology! Address these challenges to the whole class! Train students to overcome these challenges ! Take the opportunity of being face to face with students to address the tech challenges! Guiding students who grow in the digital age may sometimes help more than guiding their parents!

4- Now it is time for the brainstorming to check students ‘understanding and accomplishment for the objectives and skills introduced during asynchronous learning! Use techniques that help students participate! Ask questions that make them safe to answer! Encourage them on the go! Unlock your students’ potentials with your smart questions!

Goodbye for now! School day will start in a while!

Enjoy it and stay safe!

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