How to give adequate instructions to your students?

We make the learning journey easier for you! One classroom management tip a day keeps your stress away! You will find here a challenge that practitioners face in their classroom and a practical solution(s) for it!

Classroom Common Challenges and Suggested Solutions!

Challenge #1: Inadequate instructions


-Prepare your instructions ahead of time.

-Make them short, logical and clear.

-Develop a routine for giving instructions. Be consistent in following this routine throughout the year.

-Use an attention grabber associated with giving- instructions routines. It must be a part of the routines and it must ring the bell at the level of the student to stop doing anything at hand and focus.

-Give your instructions while students are focusing. This must be done:

  • before distributing any handout, manipulative, etc. to students.
  • before starting any activity
  • before changing the seating
  • before going outdoor, if the activity necessitates going outside the classroom.

-Ask one of the easily distracted Students to repeat your instructions to be sure that students received them the way you want it.

-Always make your instructions as bullets and points. And announce them as first, second and third ( if more one instruction must be given)

-It is good to have these routine on board so that you point to them every time you give instructions. This is another visual representation that helps enhancing the routine.

-Hold students accountable for the given work.

Education Consultant — Neo Vision FDA College

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