The stick insect!

Look at this photo? What do you see?

A stick on the door mesh screen.

At first glance, I saw a stick. I came close to catch it and throw it away! But, all of a sudden it moved! Huh, it is not a stick! Here, I realized it is an animal that camouflaged to a stick! I moved it to the ground to see it on the floor. It changed its color to blend again with the floor! How amazing is it to observe this animal! As an adult, I was fascinated by it! How about kids?

I am sure that if kids see it moving, they will think that the wind is moving it! They will not easily believe that it is an animal! It is blending in a perfect way to protect itself from predators! I googled this type of animals to know more about it. Thank God it is a herbivore and it’s not poisonous. Or else, kids will get hurt from it. I do believe that God has created all this mix in it for a purpose!

And here a call to the science teachers worldwide: be sure your students are exposed to such observations and experiences before you introduce the camouflage concept at class! Also, parents can have an effective role in this by encouraging their kids to play in the outdoors and to explore the natural environment in their vicinity. Isn’t it more healthy for the proper development of your kids to leave technology behind and enjoy their time in nature?!

If you are interested to know more about camouflage and specifically about the stick insect, read these interesting articles.


  1. I love the photo of hands-on learning. Kids do need to become proficient in technology, but the social aspect of working with others and experiencing the worlds of nature and science are also essential. Love the walking stick! Have a great weekend, Neyoulla! ❤

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  2. Thank you for your time and attention in reading this post. Happy that you liked it 🤗 Actually social interaction is a need after the isolation kids suffered from during lockdowns 😫 Hope we will not be back to it anymore 🙏

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  3. Such insects remind me of one main principal we adopt in our believe, their abilities in merging with their surroundings and (yetsat…..) for their own sake, I think we should learn from them

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