10 reasons for implementing Inquiry-Based Learning in your classroom.

Teachers should strive to implement Inquiry Based learning (IBL) in their classrooms for the following 10 reasons:

1-IBL is a student -centered approach rather than a teacher-centered approach.

2- Enhances students’ autonomy and empowerment.

3- Fosters students’ motivation and passion for learning.

4- Makes real-world connections.

5- Creates life-long learners.

6- Hones students’ natural curiosity.

7- Builds inquirers who are able to ask questions and seek answers through the inquiry process steps.

8- Develops students’ twenty first century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, etc.

9- Promotes in-depth knowledge.

10- Elevates students’ self-efficacy and self- confidence.

Isn’t worth it to implement inquiry lessons in your classroom? Wait for our series of inquiry based lessons!

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